Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Proof I am awesome

Last year in college, I lived on campus in the dorm called, Wise Hall.  Every dorm had a Leadership Advisory Board (LAB) that the residents could get elected to be on.  LAB was a way of getting the dorm residents involved in campus life type activities and improvement of the dorm halls.  Basically, it was like city council for the dorm halls.  I was elected into the position of recycling co-coordinator.  Now for most this was just a bullshit position that people only applied for so that they could have a seat on LAB and be able to help run things.  But not I.  I took being Recycling Coordinator to a whole new level it had never seen.  I regularly made and displayed informational posters about being more green, I handed out fliers, I set up and ran recycling competitions that increased recycling by over 200% compared to the previous year, I took the time and sorted through 5 floors worth of recycling; I turned that dorm hall green.  We even won a campus-wide (13 different dorm buildings) recycle-athon under my "term".

And a year later, I receive this comment on my FB wall; "I just wanted to say how I sat through a half hour of everyone praising your accomplishments as the Wise Hall recycling coordinator last year at this years last lab meeting. Apparently you got everyone to go green in the dorm, were a dedicated worker in preparing recycle bins as well as spreading awareness, and all around were "the shit". Just thought you ought to know of your legacy."

Proof, I am indeed, awesome.

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