Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Desire without ambition = me

A blog is something, that somebody like me, should have started years ago.  There is so much that occurs in my daily life that I feel an urge to tell people about....The odd conversations with friends and random strangers, the ridiculousness of the D&D campaign I am partaking in, stories from my childhood, and of course all the fortunately unfortunate things that seems to happen to me. 
I guess I used to kind of blog on Myspace way back when it was popular and everybody knew who Tom was, but over time, Myspace turned into an almost music exclusive site so, like everyone else, I moved on to Facebook. But Facebook didn't last as a place to blog as it quickly evolved into what we know it as today; a website to play Farmville and all it's spin-offs on.  And then twitter came along, which is somewhere to take your 12,349,235,151,235 character long thoughts and condense them into 140 characters or less.  Not very accommodating for any real storytelling, or deep thought.  So years after my first urge to blog, I finally have the ambition to do so and found a site I have deemed adequate.  And so you are all about to be graced with the ramblings, rants, and life stories of my awesomely unfortunate, fun, and funny life.  Enjoy.

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