Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Quick Update, more later.

Yeah, so the whole blogging thing really fell apart the last two months.  Mainly due to the fact that to spend the time writing, editing, spell-checking, re-editing, and finally posting a blog entry requires a certain amount of time that I have not been able to dedicate myself too. However!  It is for good reason.  Being the awesome person I am, I picked myself up a second job.

Posts/entries/whatever will be few and far, if they continue.  The Who's More Awesome Competition is indefinitely postponed as I am working 50-60 hours during an average week.  It's difficult to find the time for something like that when so much of my time is taken away by work.

But to keep people entertained to some extent, I will post videos to my youtube account about once a week.  I'll simply post a link here with a brief description to save time and focus on writing other posts.

Well, the clock is reading GO : TO : BED am instead of an actual time, so I assume it's time to do just that.  Look for a video update by the end of the week.

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